CDS Exports

HMRC, the UK customs authority, is implementing a new system for Exports on 1st April 2024 called the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) to replace CHIEF. Many processes are the same as the previous system, however we may require further information from the exporter as we start to use the new system.

Please note

The original deadline was 30th November 2023, however HMRC pushed this back to April 2024 to allow more time for Inventory Linked Exports to be tested.

OCS are currently processing all non-inventory linked exports (e.g. RORO, GVMS, EuroTunnel) through CDS, however any inventory-linked exports are still being cleared through CHIEF.

  1. Register for CDS
  2. Key Differences

1. Register for CDS

You must subscribe to CDS in order to continue to export goods into the UK. Once subscribed, you can view your customs account here.

2. Key Differences

  • Procedure Codes

    The procedure codes are broadly similar to CHIEF, however there are some differences. The codes are split into two parts (4-digit procedure code, multiple 3-digit additional procedure codes). View the codes here.

    The commonly used CHIEF procedure code for permanent export "1000001" has been replaced by "1040 000".

  • Error Codes

    The error and validation codes returned from CDS are very different to CHIEF, and can sometimes be confusing. We have a thorough understanding of these issues though so there's no need to worry.

  • Licence codes

    HMRC are enforcing licence and other document requirements in CDS. Many of these can be waived, but if you have any licences that need to be declared then please let us know so that we can add them to the declaration.

CDS is fully in-use for Imports. Click Here to see more information.